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Sales and Marketing Personnel Student’s Name Institution Instructor’s Name: Course Name Introduction The Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is a product that will certainly do well in South America. According to statistics, South Americans prefer to use Mayonnaise as a dressing as opposed to ketchup.


He put up a factory to produce Mrs. Hellmann’s mayonnaise in 1912. Greater sales and marketing practices led to his success (Hellmann’s & Best Foods, 2013). Specific skills needed in sales and marketing personnel. Sales and marketing personnel should know how to use software programs used in marketing. For example, a person may not be able to use graphics art works, but he can use desktop design to outline the concept he wants. This shows that the individual is creative and resourceful. They can use their creativity to create great slogans for every variety of the mayonnaise. The objectives of an organization keep changing depending on market conditions. Therefore, it is important for a sales and marketing personnel to be flexible and able to adapt to the changes of the organization. A good sales and marketing personnel should come up with flexible strategic roadmaps instead of using rigid one-year plans (Dizik, 2011). In addition, a good sales and marketing personnel must be capable of integrating classic concepts with modern marketing techniques to create a balance between the two. It is prudent for marketers to know how to prioritize actions based on what the customer wants and what the organization wants. It is common knowledge that the top most goals for all organizations are profit maximization. Therefore, a good marketer has to strike a balance in delivering both needs. ...
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