Information Technology Application in Marketing

Information Technology Application in Marketing Essay example
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Question 1: Social media is the need of modern world. It has to have access to everybody. People are now so addicted to using social media websites for information sharing or to interact with their loved ones, friends, family and colleagues. The main question that people look for is from where do these websites generate profit.


Facebook, unlike other social networking websites, has a clearly defined target market that starts from students who are enrolled in high schools, college and university. The differentiating factor for Facebook is that it is all focused towards students only through creating study groups, keeping in touch with distant friends and getting information. Students use it to make their social life prominent through using various features of Facebook such as uploading, sharing and commenting on photos. Facebook earns its profit mainly through advertising. It gets involved in three different ways of advertising. One is banner ads, sponsored groups and text announcements. The visitors’ traffic and the time spent on the site also serve as a major indicator for Facebook success (Mitchell, n.d.). GOOGLE Another social media website selected is Google. Google is the most visited website that provides solutions and answers for almost all the questions through its search optimization system. Google is primarily a search engine and serves almost everyone in thirst of some knowledge or information regarding anything. Google generates its profits through online advertising (Channel 4, 2012). ...
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