marketing research "Exploring University of Leicester Students' Perception of Healthy Eating and Food Consumption "

marketing research "Exploring University of Leicester Students
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Marketing Research "Exploring University Of Leicester Students’ Perception of Healthy Eating and Food Consumption” Table of Contents Evaluation of Research Design 3 1. Research Paradigm 3 2. Data Collection Methods 4 3. Sampling 5 4. Research Procedure 6 5.


Social Factors 11 3. Consumption Pattern 12 3.1. Involve In Purchasing 12 3.2. Intake of Vegetables and Fruits 12 3.3. Fat Intake 13 3.4. Intake of Fish and Meat 13 3.5 Consumption of Organic Food 13 References 15 Bibliography 19 Appendix 20 Evaluation of Research Design 1. Research Paradigm The research paradigm selected for this study has been interpretive. The interpretive research is chosen owing to different reasons. One of the primary reasons behind its selection is that this approach, unlike positivist approach deems that reality and the individual who observes it cannot be distinguished. On the other hand, the positivist approach believes that the reality is separate from the individual who observes it. The positivist approach is often blamed for its dualistic nature. Interpretative approach is also ascertained to provide an in-depth understanding of the complex world of human experience from their beliefs and perspectives. This approach is further consistent with the construction of the social world characterised by the interaction between the researcher and the participants (Andrade, 2009). Hence, the rationale behind selecting interpretive approach is that the study has aimed at attaining opinions regarding the healthy eating and food consumption habit. In this context, the opinions and beliefs cannot be quantified or measured, thus exploratory research has been chosen for this study. ...
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