Operational Sales Management - The nature of the sales environment

Operational Sales Management - The nature of the sales environment Essay example
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OPERATIONAL SALES MANAGEMENT-THE NATURE OF SALES ENVIRONMENT [NAME] [COURSE] [INSTRUCTOR] [DATE] 1.0 Introduction The dawn of every New Year awakens with more companies venturing into international trade. Companies venturing abroad typically join the league of licensors or exporters, while others form subsidiary companies or joint venture in overseas companies (Jobber and Lancaster, 2009).


Support for international selling is based on the significance of exportation for economic growth and survival (Cool and Goddard, 2006). The United Kingdom is not self-sustaining in the sense that much of its food and raw materials are imported from abroad. In turn, the United Kingdom must encourage the business community to export more in order to achieve balanced trade and earn foreign currency to pay for imported commodities. Conversely, many business executives in the United Kingdom have remained adamant and apprehensive to sell overseas despite government’s exhortations. The mystique surrounding international selling has often been blamed for such apprehension (Jobber and Lancaster, 2009). Therefore, this paper aims to dispel some of the mystery surrounding international selling by examining various aspects of international selling. 2.0 Aspects of International Selling Selling overseas is not only relevant to national economic growth but also benefits individual companies. The decision to sell overseas is made by individual companies intending to reap the benefits of international trade. First, product differentiation in terms of design and quality allows companies to enter international markets (McCall and Stone, 2013). ...
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