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Starbucks - International Business Introduction In the modern world, the brand name “Starbucks” has become synonymous to quality, diversity and exquisite experience among millions of coffee lovers and people who prefer to eat refreshingly tasty food items.


Although, previous researchers like Roby (2011) conducted research on international expansion strategy of Starbucks but these researcher focused more on marketing aspects of international expansion strategy of iconic coffee retailer but strategic dimensions of Starbuck’s international expansion remain scarcely discussed by scholars. In order to fulfil scarcity of research regarding strategic dimensions of Starbucks international expansion, this essay will try to shed light on pertinent issues regarding international expansion of Starbucks. Key objective of this paper will be to answer three questions, 1- how internal resources capabilities are supporting Starbucks to achieve success internationally, 2- how Starbucks has addressed challenges during international expansion and 3- what are the strategic initiatives that are taken by Starbucks to achieve success while expanding business internationally. In such context, business background Starbucks will be discussed in order to develop background for strategic analysis. Back Ground Analysis: Business Matrix of Starbucks Starbucks Corporation was established by Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker and Jerry Baldwin during the year 1971 and the company is headquartered at Seattle, Washington, U.S (Starbucks, 2012). ...
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