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Name Course Professor Date Brand analysis: Mr. Clean Bathroom cleaner Part 1: Summary and Recommendations Mr. Clean is one of the successful brands of Procter & Gamble. It is considered as one of the leading brand in US market of household cleaning products.


This brand has a strong presence in the US market, as well as in many foreign markets and people of all ages and geographical backgrounds are the major target customers of Mr. Clean. The global bathroom cleaners industry is highly competitive as several potential competitors of P&G are trying to introduce new differentiated bathroom cleaners in competitive pricing. The major weakness of this organization is lack of differentiation and inadequate global recognition despite the strong presence in US and also in several emerging countries in the world. It is important for the organization to consider several effective and unique strategies in business processes in order to enhance positive market growth rate and leading market position in US market of household cleaning products. The organization should consider porter’s generic strategy in strategy development process because it will help the company to introduce different effective marketing strategies appropriate for US market. First of all the organization should think about cost leadership strategy as it will help the organization to provide high quality products in economic price. It will also help to gain potential competitive advantages. Secondly, the organization should try to incorporate differentiation strategy. This particular generic strategy will help the organization to introduce differentiated product line according to the changing needs of the customers in United States. ...
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