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Social network marketing In many organizations, communication is the main tool for marketing, the quality of the marketing strategies depends a lot, on how the organization communicates their information to the outside world. This has a lot to do with accessibility and clarity in the mode of communication used.


A good communication network can give an organization an upper hand in the advertisement sector; this can either be marketing or conveying urgent information to the public. In an education institution for example, it is very useful in educating people, a good communication network can be used efficiently in conveying information to the students. It attracts even those people who are not even directly involved in the institution hence it reaches out to a large area network. In the past the means of communication were not so advanced and it took long to convey information to a wide area network, this, however has changed over time and the communication network is getting more and more efficient such that you can reach anyone you like , anywhere and with very minimal time (Bosari, J. 2012, pp 53). The social media has been the core of communication in this era, hence for an institution it is very recommendable that there is a social media means of conveying information to the members and public. Social media is the best tool for marketing available to the people right now, communication is simplified, and there are minimal delays. ...
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