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The reality of the fact is that the current market is permeated with ideas and incredibly talented individuals. As such, in much the same way that the market for a given good or service exists, the market for individuals with unique plans, professional ideas, and career aspirations must take note of the way in which product positioning, with relation to their own career, can benefit them with regards to achieving the goals that they set out to accomplish.


Furthermore, the analysis will also engage with regards to the discussion of future career goals with respect to 10, 20, and 25 year aspirations. A discussion and analysis of how these goals can be accomplished and a positioning of the particular service/good in question as well as a marketing mix to include the four P’s will also be included. It is the hope of this author that such a level of analysis will be useful in helping the reader to determine the means through which an idea and career can be marketed and promoted in very much the same manner that a product or service can. Firstly, the service that I hope to deliver will be fabricated upon the increasing levels of tourism that my native country has experienced with regards to the number of individuals that are currently traveling abroad for vacation. Although a litany of different travel agencies exist which can facilitate the process of booking tickets and planning hotel stays, a full-service travel industry does not exist. ...
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