Business Environments in the Single European Market

Business Environments in the Single European Market Essay example
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Business Environments in the Single European Market Name Instructor Course Institution Date Introduction The formation of a single European market or economic block on the basis of a common market was the major objective of the Rome Treaty. The Treaty’s Article 2 stipulates that the cooperation shall have its task by forming a common market and increasingly estimating the member states’ economic policies, in an attempt to promote a harmonious growth of economic activities all through the Community, a balanced and continuous enlargement, increased stability, an increased raising of the living standards of the people in the member states and closer ties between the nations that belong to it


The common market refers to a phase in the process of international integration, which according to a ruling of the Court of Justice, aims at doing away with all the barriers to trade between communities with a view of bring together national markets into one large market, forming conditions that are as close as possible to a legitimate internal market. ...
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