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MK 491 Seminar in Marketing-Report Introduction Online companies have been in existence since many years. They have led to rapid rise in the development of online products and services which are useful to the users. Consumers can now easily do transactions or buy products or services online which is more efficient and less troublesome as compared to going physically at store.


Since then it has literally transformed to a giant firm employing over 10,000 people. Google Inc. is a household name for their search engine service. Google has become so big now that it has almost become a new word in English language. Research Question The Research question posed here is discussion of the product, pricing, promotion and distribution strategies adopted by Google Inc. Literature Review Google Inc. is one of the top technology companies in the world. It offers a range of products and services which caters to the needs of the users. This company is present across different domain in the Internet and most of the consumers use their products and services in everyday life. Google hence uses different strategies to market their diverse products and services. Since they offer such diverse set of products and services, they use different market segmentation strategy to reach out to their consumer base. Their positioning strategy has to be prefect so that they live up to consumers demands. Similarly their pricing and distribution strategy has to be developed to make them be on profit terms with other competitors. Analysis and Findings Overall business and marketing strategy of Google For Google their biggest success factor is the search engine which they have created. ...
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