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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Risk Assessment Audit Introduction The audit of the GE Oil & Gas Inc has shown possible contingencies that negatively implicate on the GE Oil & Gas Inc’s branch that is located in West Africa (Inkpen, et al, 2011). The audit has been entirely successful in assessing all the relevant matters as pertaining to the West African branch of GE Oil & Gas.


This is especially on the employees who have major and significant problems in their places of work within the GE Oil & Gas Inc company. GE Oil & Gas Inc has gone on a considerable expansion program in West Africa and this has made it to encounter a lot of problem in relation to management and employee related issues. Audit report Petroleum and oil drilling and development together with it consumption has always been linked with widespread impact on the environment. Environmental impact occurs at all levels of oil and gas sequence but is apparent during upstream level of operations. The upstream level involves oil and gas exploration and production with impact such as accidental spills or atmospheric emissions. The environmental impact has conventionally not the focus on many players, and the oil and gas industry was not under immense environmental regulation for substance period during it operations. It is apparent that environmental regulation focusing on the oil and gas industry is a latest phenomenon only few years old. Housing accommodation The housing for the GE Oil & Gas Inc is structured to meet all the employer and employees requirements in the various differentiated departments. ...
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