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Marketing Research Contents Executive summary: 3 1. Introduction and problem definition: 3 2. Research method and limitations 4 3. Research findings: 6 4. Conclusions and Recommendations: 9 Reference 14 Executive summary: In this research as a manager of an IT company I have discussed a very relevant problem regarding current corporate culture that is repatriation.


That is a serious issue and that is the reason behind loss of skilled and experienced employees as those employees quit their jobs. Here in this research I discussed about this problem thoroughly and some solutions I have given at the end. 1. Introduction and problem definition: As a manager of an IT farm I found that there are several corporate problems a organisation faces like drop in market share, profit fall, employee turnover reduction, quality assurance issues, problem form client ends, government policies and several rules and regulations etc. But here I am going to discuss the problems regarding my various employees who just came back from onsite jobs or foreign locations. The details of the problem is discussed below- In modern days it is common to give strategically important tasks to top level executives and send them to foreign countries for a certain time interval. It is widely known as expatriation. To reduce cultural shock it is very important to make those employees aware and train for the culture of new countries and locations. It definitely cost a large amount of money for the organisations to train its employees for a new country. ...
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