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Essay example - difference between entering the markets U.S.A and Austria based on hofstedes cultural dimensions

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Difference between entering the markets U.S.A and Austria Name; Institution; Introduction Accommodation of new cultures in a market requires sensitivity and a lot of research on different values and principles that come in with the parties involved. Hofstede’s cultural category theory is a framework against which cross cultural communication is based…

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The first category, that is; power distance measures less powerful members of asocial set up to the extent of acceptance of inequality. High gets in power distance indicate that a person workers or employers will not be granted advancement according to merit but rather what social set up has dictated for them. In individualism –collectivism high gets reflect strong person’s independence and a responsibility to one’s own Hofstede’s cultural dimensions; Masculinity-femininity affected very many societies. The values of women were relatively the same; meaning levels of modesty, caring, and sensitivity were relatively similar. Theworld’saverage in this category is 50. An average score implies that there is a balance between feminine and masculine qualities in a country. When it comes to uncertainty avoidance index, the world’s average in this category is 64. Rules and regulations in terms of intricate planning would be more prominent in higher scoring countries. In his final cultural category; that is long term orientation Hofstede examines the preference for short term and long term goals in different countries. High scorers in this categoryindicate their culture is more persistent and thrifty (Ball et al., 2005). ...
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