Literature review sample - An investigation into the potential of implementing Cause Related Marketing in Barnados charity in the UK

An investigation into the potential of implementing Cause Related Marketing in Barnados charity in the UK Literature review example
Literature review
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Literature Review, Marketing Name Institution Literature Review and Marketing Cause Related Marketing Marketing is the process of anticipating, identifying and providing satisfaction to customers. Marketing entails conducting a research to understand what the customer exactly wants and thereby providing goods and services with respect to the customer needs and demands…


In the social marketing, the management takes much consideration of the customers’ needs with much concern on the needs of the wider society. Cause Related Marketing is a significant ingredient of this marketing mix (Stein, 2009; pg. 56) Cause-Related Marketing is describe as a commercial activity through which businesses and charities form a partnership for the purpose of marketing a product, an image or a service for a shared benefit. It is a tool that addresses the current social issues by providing resources and funding. Additionally, this tool addresses important business objectives. The Cause Related Marketing began getting its full attention recently. It was not until the CRM was much steamed to the marketers by the American Express, which had devised a promotion which promoted donations of a cent to restore the funds for the Statute of Liberty at every single time a customer made use of the American Express card (Lindsey, 2003; pg.67).  The campaign also included other elements like a one dollar donation to fund every new American Express account that had been approved. A true corporate partnership establishes openings for every party to develop joint business opportunities. ...
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