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Marketing Table of Contents Introduction 3 Logistics- Defined 4 Impact on Supply Chain Management of a company 5 Conclusion 8 Reference List 10 Introduction The origin of the concept, Logistics, was noticed before the birth of Christ and was employed by the Greek generals (Leon, the Wise and Alexander, the Great) to procure food, ammunitions and clothing for their army.


The food and the commodities were dispersed widely and were also available in abundance, during certain times of the year. Earlier, people had the tendency to consume their choice of food or commodity at the location or after moving the goods to a preferred site and hoarding them for later use. However, the absence of well-developed storage and transportation systems had brought in difficulty for them to consume these goods. As a result, the movement of the goods was limited to an individual depending how he/she moves it. The main problem that was faced by them was the perishable nature of the goods, which forced them to gather the needful frequently. The restrictions faced by the people in storage and transportation had made them live in places closer to the source of production in order to facilitate easy consumption (Ferrell and Hartline, 2010). Thus, the concept of logistics was not prominent and proficient in those days because of its cost. The cost of logistics was quite high which therefore restricted the traders and the business to transport the goods and commodities from one place to another. It was a big problem for the mass to stay close to the source of the production since the traders or the business did not provide them with the facility of transportation of the goods to their homes. ...
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