Business Tourism and Hospitality Marketing

Business Tourism and Hospitality Marketing  Essay example
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Business: Tourism and Hospitality Marketing Business organizations have to face stiff competition in their related market and therefore need to develop new and essential strategy to remain in the market and provide stiff competition to its rivals. Marketing is the essence of any business and organizations use it effectively to be successful in their related market.


The growth in international trade, opening of economies and global access to information have brought increasing competition in several industries, resulting in strong consolidation and reduction of margins which has introduced the marketing strategists to an era of strict budgetary control and coordination, demanding very careful decision making with respect to where and how to spend what resources were available. In response to the constraints imposed by the globalization of markets, which often have no conventional boundaries, firms and their marketing function have become more international, and recognized a growing need to focus on their core businesses, outsourcing activities and contractual relationships, so as to manage their inputs and distribute their outputs efficiently. Real networks are being developed, focusing on relationships, and continuous and sustainable development (Neves, 2007). ...
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