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Standardization and Adaptation

Finally, in 1961, the McDonald’s brothers sold the whole share to Mr. Kroc for $2.7 million. In 1967, McDonald’s had opted for its first international venture in Canada. Shortly after that, the license of Eastern Canada’s business of McDonald’s was bought by George Cohon, who had opened the first restaurant in the year 1968. The key to international success of McDonald’s was the use of Franchising. By franchising through the local people, the delivery of the products and the interpretation of their US brands to the local people regarding product and services became much easier. In this context, the report focuses on the adaptation and the standardization conformed by McDonald’s and how it had led to their success. Standardization Standardization signifies creation of a consistent way for carrying out procedures and tasks. Standardization can be related to any process that is being carried out in the organization such as, machinery standardization, operation standardization, drawing standardization, inventory standardization, communication standardization and clerical process standardization. Operation standardization signifies that the operation can be conducted by any one. ...
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In the year 1937, McDonald’s was founded by two brothers, Maurice and Richard McDonald. The two brothers had developed an assembly line and food processing system at a small drive-in restaurant located in the east of Pasadena, California…
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