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Author: Instructor: Course Title: Date: Hardee’s: Brand Portfolio Project Advertising Company History Hardee’s was started in 1960 by Wilber Hardee, who opened the first restaurant in Greenville, North Carolina (Hardee’s). The Hardee’s restaurant served customers with ‘charco-broiled’ hamburgers and offered fast service to customers; as well (Hardee’s).The Hardee’s restaurant had a uniform design.


The Hardee’s restaurant formed its own manufacturing and distribution group. The group was known as the Fast Food Merchandisers. After five months of operation, the Hardee’s restaurant had his first franchisee. The Hardee’s restaurant was initially known for its biscuits in the 1970s. The restaurant was acquired in 1997 by Carl’s Jr. This is because Hardee’s had overdone expansion, lacked product innovation and lacked aggressive public relations. Hardee’s had failed to strategically position its restaurants and products, and differentiate itself from its competitors (Michman and Mazze 42). In 2003, Hardee’s concentrated on producing Angus beef thick burgers. This gave the Hardee’s restaurant a competitive edge, and the restaurant became a leader in quick service, in terms of quality and taste. Currently, the Hardee’s burger chain has become common and a favorite to many both in the Mid Western and South Eastern United States. The Hardee’s restaurant, currently, leads in the creation of delicious foods and fast food experience. Also makes edgy and memorable advertisements (Hardee's). ...
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