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Research Paper example - Marketing about people motivation and behavior toward TOMS shoes

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Research Paper
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Marketing research about people motivation and behavior toward TOMS shoes Institution Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1.Abstract 3 2.Introduction 4 3.Literature Review 5 3.1. Research question 8 4.Methodology 8 4.1. Data collection 8 4.2…

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Hoboken, N.J: Wiley. 13 Mycoskie, B. (2012). Start something that matters. London: Virgin. 13 Russo, M. V. (2010). Companies on a mission: Entrepreneurial strategies for growing sustainably, responsibly, and profitably. Stanford, Calif: Stanford Business Books. 13 Tables 14 8. Figures 19 9. Appendix 24 1. Abstract People motivation and behavior are essential towards products. This marketing research paper attempts to analyze people behavior and motivation towards TOMS shoes. The main concentration of the study is about women perspectives towards TOMS shoes. This is a research that entails secondary and primary data collection methodologies. Where secondary data consists of literature review and primary data concerns survey and questionnaire findings. To analyze the attitude of women towards TOMS shoes, TOMS shoes marketing strategies is a factor that must be assessed (Russo, 2010). There is a stiff competition within shoe industry and motivation factors each corporation undertakes either draw positive or negative perception from consumers. Customers who have an optimistic attitude about a superstar that promotes TOMS may in turn have an optimistic perception about TOMS, which will boost their motivation and actual behavior of buying their products. 2. Introduction TOMS is a brand that many people have supported due to their cause marketing strategies. ...
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