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Interview on perceptions of a product or servise and ways of motivating customers and increasing customer satisfaction - Assignment Example

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Interview on perceptions of a product or servise and ways of motivating customers and increasing customer satisfaction

Being the marketing manager of Samsung Company, I was tasked with the duty of establishing how consumers view our products, specifically the newly introduced Smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S4. This required a survey to be undertaken by interviewing consumers who own the phone. This is very important since in the Smartphone market, consumers are known to shift from one phone to another because of poor experiences and satisfaction. Thus, this paper will explain various aspects of consumer behaviour. It will analyse the findings of the interviews undertaken. Finally, the paper will make a presentation to the board of directors where it will conclude by establishing the importance of various aspects of consumer satisfaction and how it will benefit the company. Concepts in Consumer Behaviour When approaching consumer behaviour there are various concepts, theories and models involved (Sharma, 26). Consumer satisfaction is the level at which consumers feel a commodity has met their need or want. Normally customers are satisfied when the product in question fully meets the needs of the customer, which the business establishment has communicated through advertising and other marketing techniques. ...
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Name Instructor Course Date Samsung Galaxy S4 Consumer Review and Satisfaction Introduction Consumer satisfaction is one important aspect of any business establishment whose main aim is to realize profits (Oliver 59). This is so since consumer satisfaction ensures that the business establishment maintains a wide range of consumers through consumer loyalty, which gives the establishment an upper hand especially where there is competition…
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Interview on perceptions of a product or service and ways of motivating customers and increasing customer satisfaction
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