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Morrisons Supermarkets CW1 -Summary Morrison Supermarket is presently UK’s fourth biggest retail super market. The company has around 425 stores throughout the country. It has been facing tough competition from number of competitors like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda.


It also has a long standing management team to support such expansion. The level of service it gives to the customers is also high. The internal weakness of the company is that it is dependent on the market of UK. It is also uncertain over the long term acquisitions it has undertaken. It has a lower quality of Safeway estate. Their business model is very labour intensive. The external opportunities which the company now faces are the diversification of its business into new market. It has generated synergies through Safeway merger. Another opportunity facing the company is their expansion through online medium. It has decided to increase operations online. The Morrison faces many threats from its surrounding environments like Price wars. It is quite possible for its main competitors to engage in price wars. The UK grocery industry is undergoing a change and the company also need to adapt to the change. Hence if the company can’t take advantage of this position it will lose out in the market. Next the macroeconomic forces affect the company. Political forces which affect the company are changes in government policies like taxation polices. Any change of it will minimise the profit margins for the company in such competitive environment. The economic forces which affect them are their local suppliers of the products like meat etc. which keeps control over the quality of the food. ...
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