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Consumer Behaviour Organizations can survive as well as succeed, if it can reach its products or services to the intended customers in an optimal way. To reach the customers, they need do a basic thing first, which is to understand the interests, needs, behaviours, etc., of the target customer base.


There is a contrary perspective as well, which is, organization can straight way come up with marketing strategies, and then influence the consumer behaviour. That is, if the organization makes an all out ‘attack’ on the customers’ sense organs of eyes, ears and even nose, they can influence or tune the consumer’s behaviour and their buying habits. Either way, it is of paramount importance to focus on consumers’ behaviour and come up with marketing strategies, so the organization’s product or service can be made an enticing one as well as an optimally selling and successful one. In that direction, the focus will be on the British product or brand of BMW’s MINI or MINI Hatch, explaining how its marketing mix elements driven by psychological and sociological drivers has been working together to influence consumer buying behaviour, and thereby aiding it to become one of the most successful consumer products of the world. Background Mini (branded initially as MINI, MINI Cooper and now as MINI Hatch) was originally a British automotive brand, but is now currently owned and manufactured by the German auto major, BMW Group. ...
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