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Research Paper example - Effectiveness of various mediums of advertisement in the automobile industry in North American consumer market

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Research Paper
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This essay describes the marketing approach of the automobile makers BMW and Audi. The environment that we currently live in relies heavily on content sharing, which resulted in unlimited information and opportunities for the two automobile companies to tap into…

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This essay "Effectiveness of various mediums of advertisement in the automobile industry in North American consumer market" outlines different tools of advertisement that the BMW and Audi use and their effectiveness.Television has been used a medium of advertisement since its inception. This has been due to the fact that it can reach mass audience quickly. It also offers numerous advantages by offering very powerful impact of the message it carries to numerous audience. This convenience and flexibility is due to the widespread popularity and ease with which it reaches millions of viewers internationally and nationally. With the audio and visual effects television provides and creates a lasting impact of the product being marketed (Philip, 90). With the interaction of color, drama, sight, sound, and motion it ensures that the message conveyed is persuasive and strong. Addition of some tactics and props could also enhance its impact. The Audi and BMW automobiles utilized this form of marketing due to its impact.
In its marketing through television BMW was able to introduce its very own youtube page known as the BMW TV. This site is used to display numerous BMW television ads and driving and racing videos of all the models created by the company.
The Audi automobile in contrast focused in film sponsorship so that it could reach out to the television audience focusing around numerous movies (Jean, 24). The movie “Iron Man 2” had several product placements of the numerous Audi models which included the Audi A8 and R8 Spyder.
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