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Absolut Vodka BusinessThis is a case study about Absolut Vodka, which is now trading as ‘The Absolut Company.’Absolut Vodka entered the US market in 1979 with its brand known as premier vodka, which is one of the best-selling imported vodkas in the US


Since its entry into the US market, Absolut Vodka became a global brand icon, which draws international recognition across the globe (Mooney and Dool 2010, p.1). The Absolut Company produces Absolut Vodka in Ahus, Skane in southern Sweden (Mooney and Dool 2010, p.2). By 2005, Absolut Vodka was synonymous in the global market where it deals with premium vodka as the third largest spirits brand across the globe. The spirits that Absolut Vodka sells includes all distilled alcohol beverages (Mooney and Dool 2010, p.2). Over the years, the company recorded immense success in its line of business where it is now the world’s number one premium vodka brand. Absolut Vodka Product Category Ideally, product category defines the mode of organizing products in the store by the type of products on sale. Indeed, customers of Absolut Vodka find the products that they want to buy through the company’s product categories. Most specifically, Absolut Vodka product category includes flavored vodka products, which are vodkas infused with flavors like Vanilla, lemon, different types of berries or pepper (Mooney and Dool 2010, p.4). It also includes unflavored vodka and spirits, which includes all distilled alcohol beverages (Mooney and Dool 2010, p.2). ...
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