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Analysis of clearing houses Table of Contents 1. Organizational Study 3 LCH Clearnet group 3 European Multilateral Clearing Facility (EMCF) 3 Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) 4 SIX Swiss Exchange 5 2. Operation summary 6 3. Historical Structure 9 4.


LCH Clearnet also specializes in risk management operations, thereby following a world-class risk management framework that provides exceptional levels of protection to international markets, which is evident through the management of recent defaults. As demand for superior quality clearing services continues to rise, the company is committed to attaining the pinnacle standards of risk management across all asset classes cleared. London Stock Exchange Group, which is a diversified international exchange group based in London, England, is the majority owner of LCH Clearnet (LCH Clearnet 2013). Figure 1: LCH group organizational structure (Source: Federal Reserve 2011) European Multilateral Clearing Facility (EMCF) EMCF is a clearing house headquartered in Netherlands. Their line of operations includes equity trades that are done on multilateral trading facility throughout Europe or on designated stock exchange. The company was established after the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) regulations were passed by the European Union. This directive allowed competition of services provided by the clearing houses. EMCF played a significant role in bringing down the cost of clearing within Europe by competing directly with other established clearing houses, thereby forcing them to reduce prices. The company has been delivering the most translucent and expected pricing for CCP clearing services all over Europe (EMCF 2013a). ...
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