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Marketing Plan for Ferrero Essay example
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Marketing Strategy: Breezer [Student’s Name] [Course Title] [Instructor’s Name] [Date] Executive summary Ferrero Spearmint Gum is an organic product from the Ferrero Spa, which is already a popular brand among consumers and vendors in the market. The current marketing plan would emphasize on developing a concrete promotional and market positioning plan.


Situation analysis PEST Analysis Political Analysis Majority of the markets in which Ferrero is operating, possesses a stable and sound political scenario. As the key markets that Ferrero serves are United States of America, European Union and East Asia, Ferrero maintains healthy relationships with governments and chamber of commerce in countries falling in this region. This piece of information can be supported by the fact that Ferrero has already won a number of continental and international awards for quality of its products and ability to cater a diverse customer base with efficient marketing and promotion of the products. On the other hand, Ferrero is also popular in North America and the company has formed strategic partnerships with the government and trade and finance facilitators of these countries to develop a unique and attractive marketing strategy. Economic Scenario As listed above, these regions in the world are considered as being the richest and economically most stable regions. This is the reason, that Ferrero enjoys a customer base, which is ready to pay a good price for quality products and facilitating services. ...
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