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Number of words 1482 (excluding appendices/bibliographies and tables) Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 4 INTERVIEW AND ANSWERS 5 INTERVIEW SUMMARY 12 DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION 13 GENDER SEGMENTATION 13 AGE SEGMENTATION 14 BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION 15 BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION SUMMARY 16 MARKETING MIX 16 CUSTOMER AUDIT 18 OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS 18 INTERNAL AUDIT 19 STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES 19 MACRO ECONOMIC AUDIT 20 MACRO ECONOMIC SUMMARY 21 MICRO ENVIRONMENT AUDIT 21 MICRO ENVIRONMENT AUDIT SUMMARY 22 MISSION 23 EXTERNAL FACTOR (EXTERNAL AUDIT) 23 INTERNAL FACTOR (INTERNAL AUDIT) 23 COMPETITOR AUDIT 24 COMPETITOR AUDIT SUMMARY 24 SWOT ANALYSIS 24 TOWS ANALYSIS 26 MARKETING OBJECTIVES 27 STRATEGY THRUST 27 ANSOFF MATRIX 27 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 28 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE SUMMARY 29 CORE STRATEGY 29 CORE STRATEGY SUMMARY 30 MARKETING MIX DECISION 30 MARKETING PLAN CONTROL 31 CONTROL 31 CONTIGENCY PLAN 32 PGI MARKETING PLAN EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PGI is an insurance broker that specializes in motor vehicle insurance only. The company is now considering expanding its offerings by introducing a general household insurance policy to existing customers. The company has established links with affinity groups such as trade unions which give it access to more than 5 million customers. The target market consists of homeowners across all gender and age segments. ...
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PGI is an insurance broker that specializes in motor vehicle insurance only. The company is now considering expanding its offerings by introducing a general household insurance policy to existing customers. …
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