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Name Instructor Class Date Hair Care Industry: Consumer Behavior Introduction There has been a rapid growth in the hair care products market. Such states like Western Europe and Saudi Arabia have experienced great transformations on their economy as a result of the best outcomes from the hair care market.


Hair has been perceived as a visual representative of attitudes for many consumers. It represents their values and heritages. Shampoos, hair oils, conditioners among other segment the hair care market. Loyalty by customers towards this industry has not yet been established to its potential. Marketing skills and the technical expertise are the key determinants towards the growth of a company. The air care industry employs many unskilled personnel which d not provides the adequate information about different products for customers. Lack of information regarding such products like the hair oils may drive the customers away and therefore pose a great challenge to the growth of the company. Consumer confusion is another key problem in the hair care industry. Customers get confused of their choice of products. The production of different types of hair oils and other hair care products have rendered much confusion to the consumers. Lack of the adequate marketing skills would therefore not solve the confusion problems in consumers. Availability of the market problems may lead to certain consumer behaviors. A consumers’ behavior is inconsistent and can change from situation to situation and from place to place. ...
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