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Marketing of Services Contents Contents 2 Question 1 3 Package 3 Facilitator 3 Socializer 4 Differentiator 4 Question 2 4 Question 4 5 Prestige Pricing 5 Skimming Pricing strategy 6 Penetration Pricing 6 Question 6 6 (A) 6 (B) 7 Question 1 Services cape is the environment which surrounds a service.


Research has shown that the design of a services cape influences a customer’s expectation, choice, satisfaction and other behaviour. The four strategic roles service scopes are as follows: Package The service scape and other physical evidence wrap the service so that it conveys a clear message to the consumers of what is inside. It is just like packaging a tangible product. The physical setting of a service essentially does the same thing through the interaction of the complex stimuli. The service scape is essentially the outward appearance of an organisation and hence it is critical in forming the first impression of customer expectation. Facilitator The service scape can aid in the performances of the persons in the environment. The design of the services cape can enhance or inhibit the efficient flow of the activities in the service setting. Thus it makes it easier or harder for the employees and the customers to accomplish their respective goals. A well designed functional facility can make a customer experience pleasure while an inefficient and poor design can frustrate both the employees and the customers. Socializer The design of a service scape can help in the socialization of both the employees and the customers. ...
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