Market strategy, Market positioning and Marketing-Mix

Market strategy, Market positioning and Marketing-Mix Assignment example
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Name Professor Module Date Market Strategy, Market Positioning and Marketing-Mix METRAO is a calorie calculator that was recently introduced in the UK market and has proven to be a viable business owing to increasing weight concerns among the population. Metrao is a brand name that is made up of a wide range of calorie calculators.


Furthermore, Metrao faces increasing competition from other calorie calculators being sold in the market. Generally, this means that Metrao is obliged to differentiate its products from others in the market by being innovative and unique. In addition to, the calorie calculator market is growing showing that there are likely to be diverse consumer needs and expectations. Consequently, Metrao should utilize strategic marketing tools to get an actual picture of the level of competition in the market and the customers’ needs. A marketing strategy is a process that enables a company to focus its limited resources on the strategic opportunities to attain a sustainable competitive advantage and increase their sales volumes (West, Ford, and Ibrahim 57). A marketing strategy should be based on consumer satisfaction. A marketing strategy is made up of different aspects such as pricing, product development, promotion, distribution and relationship management. Further, it establishes the choice of marketing mix, positioning, target market segments and relationship management. Some of the strategies adopted by the company include the PESTLE and the SWOT analysis. Marketing Mix This primary marketing strategy adopted in the promotion of Metrao. Generally, four aspects in the 4Ps strategy include product, place, price and promotion. ...
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