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MARKETING MANAGEMENT – FRESH AND FRESH 1. INTRODUCTION Businesses have always been dependent on the marketing of its products and service for developing interaction with the customers. However, in the modern world marketing of products and services has moved on from traditional perspectives (Cranfield School of Management, 2000).


Hence, marketing of the contemporary business world has moved on towards engaging, motivating and satisfying customers with personal values orientation than product featuring in fragmented mediums (Kotler, and Keller, 2009). This basic criterion of customer orientation drives marketing in every industry (Doyle, 2002). For example, high competitive retail industry requires marketing tools will higher value proposition such as loyalty cards etc. On the other hand, the distinguished forest industry has also realized the importance of scope of marketing on different levels of products such as ecology friendly forest generation, logging and related products etc (Lintu, n.d.). This reflects the growing up realization of the importance of marketing across various industries. In the similar context, this report is aimed at developing a marketing plan for the Fresh &Fresh which is a retail salad bar in Manchester (UK). For developing concrete and effective marketing plans, the report has conducted situation analysis with SWOT and drove consumer insights to achieve the outlined marketing objectives. Finally, followed by the strategies for four Ps of marketing the report has provided the implementation and monitoring and evaluation plan. ...
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