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tv channel comparison

In our country Qatar, there are two main local channels which Qatar TV and AlRayyan TV. Each one of these channels has its own aesthetic features and ways of attracting audience. Qatar TV started broadcasting since 1970 while AlRayyan just started one year ago. Of course, given all those years in broadcasting, Qatar TV must have the greater experience. However, lots of arguments have been made by Qatari people that put AlRayyan TV, despites of its recent launch, on top of Qatar TV because of its greater closeness to the Qatari society, having better programs and broadcasters. In this regard, this study aims to clarify differences between these TV channels in terms of social and religious influence, quality of staff and quality of programs broadcasted in the perspective of Qatari people. A lot of people argue and have put AlRayyan TV, despites of its recent launch, on top of Qatar TV , which launched decades ago, because of its greater closeness to the Qatari society, having better programs and broadcasters. Methods The design of this research is quantitative due to its structured format and due to the fact that it is testing a number of variables in a specific situation with the help of extensive previous studies as well as using both descriptive and analytical statistics when analysing field work data such as questionnaire. ...
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Marketing research report TV Channels Executive summary Introduction Television has become part of most people's daily livesand in nearly every household there is at least one television. All family members can meet around the television to see their favourite programs…
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