Part 2: Individual Report (15%)

Part 2: Individual Report (15%) Essay example
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Individual Report Introduction Fujairah Cement Industries is a cement manufacturing plant located at Dibba, United Arab Emirates. The company was established in 1979. The profitability of the company has shown huge growth of about 12.36 percent per annum. The company manufactures various kinds of cement and clinker such as normal Portland cement, Moderate Sulphate Resisting Cement, Sulphate Resisting Cement and normal Portland cement.


Key Findings from Group Portfolio Fujairah Cement Industries creates value for the customers who help the company to deliver high quality value to them which increases the customer satisfaction and attracts more customers. The company produces many varieties of cement like PPC, OPC and Slag cement. It has one of the most modern cement plants in the Middle East. This has enabled the company to become one of the top ranked producers in the country. The company has enjoyed many years of being a premium brand name in UAE market. FCI has its own thermal power plant which is capable of generating 20 MW of electricity each. The company has a highly sophisticated centralized plant which controls all of its operations. FCI believes in the concept of Sustainable Industry. Market Entry Strategy There are two main modes of market entry namely equity and non-equity modes of market entry. The non-equity modes refer to contractual agreements between the parties while equity modes include wholly owned subsidiaries and joint venture. The company is using its subsidiaries to export its product to the India (Ferrell, 2012). FCI uses its subsidiaries to sell the cement in Indian Market. FCI has used subsidiary mode of entry into Indian market. ...
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