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Video Business Case Report Contents Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Discussion 4 Decision Criteria 4 Alternatives 5 Conclusion 8 Solutions 8 Implications and Implementation 9 Bibliography 9 Executive Summary acQuire Technologies faces many problems.


The company should look at improving the liquidity position. It can be done thorough reducing the operating cost. It can improve the valuation of the company by increasing the revenue of the company. acQuire can improve the profitability by reducing the operating cost and overhead. This will improve the production efficient of the company. It can decrease the debt equity ratio by in increasing the profitability. It will increase the cash position ultimately and lead to increase of liquidity position of the firm. The company can increase the current ratio by reducing the operating cost. It will ensure that the production efficiency of the company improves. This will have a direct impact on the profitability also. The board now wants to develop a sustainable strategy so that it can avid the repeat of the global financial crisis in 2008. For this the company should increase the core equity capital and lower its debt ratio. With more debt ratio the company will be in obligation to pay off their dues else it can go bankrupt. The company tries to lower its prices of the products and reinvest its profits back to the company instead of giving dividends to the shareholders. It will help the company in maintaining liquidity position so that they don’t have to face cash crunch when credit in the market dries up. ...
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