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Sales Promotion Portfolio – Pizza Hut [Student Name] [Course title] [Supervisor Name] [Date] Sales Promotion Portfolio – Pizza Hut Introduction: “Frank and Dan Carney” made Pizza Hut with a thought to construct a pizza bistro in their home city but in few years the business became one of the largest pizza chains worldwide with operating in more than 100 countries.


Currently there are around 700 restaurants of Pizza Hut in UK with more than 154 stores of Pizza Hut owned by the franchisees (PizzaHut, 2011). The sales promotion helps the organization to change the perception of the customers towards their buying decision by offering them different incentives, which they are able to get eventually. This is the reason why Pizza Hut uses different sales promotion techniques because the company understands the significance of sampling and making a product trial during the marketing campaigns. The sales promotion strategies help Pizza Hut to increase its market share because these promotions entice the customers to switch their brand loyalty towards Pizza Hut. Another advantage that Pizza Hut gets with these promotional tools is the immediate result, which other IMC tools are not able to produce for the company (Pride et al., 2006). Sales Promotion Sales promotion can be defined as the activities which are planned by the organizations in order to improve the quality of the products or services and build a positive attitude of the customers towards their products or services (Bose, 2004). ...
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