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Analysis of the Marketing Strategy of Apple Inc: 1997 – 2011 Research Proposal Background of Study The year 2009 was marked by of one of America and the world's worst financial crises, which became known as the Credit Crunch or the Global Financial Crises.


Mainardi (2012) states that “Apple Inc is the world's largest company in market capitalisation, producing iPhones, iPods and iPads along with Macintosh computers” (pvii). Apple is known for its involvement in the Smartphone revolution which brings the internet onto portable devices like mobile phones and tablets. This is based on convenience and consumer demands and expectations. Apple gains its competitive strength from its uniqueness in producing the best-in-class products (Goldfayn, 2012 p231). This includes distinctive applications and software which meets consumers' needs and expectations. Apple leads the industry with its ability to control the markets through innovations. Aaker (2007) identifies that Apple always produces items that consumers are willing to by. This is because they always ensure that they maintain a proactive emergent business strategy which takes into account, everything that consumers want and deliver it with a high degree of flexibility (Aaker, 2007). Another school of thought believes that what differentiates Apple from other technology and IT oriented firms is that they are focused more on the design and redesign of their products but not on profits (Chazelle, 2006 p14). ...
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