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United Parcel Service is a global package delivery service and delivers packages to over 220 countries. Delivering over 15 million parcels every day to more than 6 million customers indicate that UPS has been one of the leading package delivery services across the whole world.


It is however, critical to note that the market trends may be more volatile in future to continue to offer unprecedented services. Changing consumer preferences, new technology etc can have a significant influence over the way business may perform in future. The very nature of the industry indicates that it is dominated by very few but large players which control much of the market however; smaller companies operate too to offer low cost solutions.
Though the industry is having higher government regulations because of checks and balances however, the overall competition is still concentrated. Due to lack of larger players in other countries, UPS, FedEx and DHL are the major global players in this industry. This report will provide a strategic review of UPS and will also make a comparison of its activities with other players in other countries. More specifically, this report will offer an strategic insight into different factors associated with UPS. Nature of the Product or Service As discussed above, UPS offers parcel delivery service however, over the period of time, it has been able to diversify its product ranges and is now offering a comprehensive package of logistic and supply chain services along with its basic primary service of package delivery. The overall range of services now not only includes general logistics solutions but it now offers very specific and niche market services to hospitality industry also. ...
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