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Facebook was launched in 2004. It is a social network with millions of active users. Most of its users use it on their mobile appliances. Before using it, the users are required to register.


User can then enjoy its services including the exchanging of messages, joining groups that suit them like their schools or work places. Facebook was started by Markl Zuckerberg together with his friends and roommates from college. When it started it only gave membership to the students of Harvard. It later spread out incorporating other colleges in Boston. Eventually its number increased to students in high schools and anybody above the age of 13. This does not mean that there are no children below 13 years who have Facebook accounts. A research by Consumer Reports reported that there are about 20 million children below 13 years who have Facebook accounts thereby breaching its terms of service. In 2009, Facebook was ranked as the most famous social networking site. Most fans of facebook commend it stating that Facebook helps them remember their colleagues and friends’ birthdays, bug their friends, play games, chat with long term friends among other uses. Its critics are however complaining that is has become an obsession especially in the United States. They have complained that it is a time waster and supports narcissism. Facebook is estimated to have about 150 million new visitors from the United States in May 2011. ...
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