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I. Results Introduction This chapter explains the results obtained by the researcher. The following discussion chapter will discuss the results in detail. The research questionnaire was distributed to 200 hundred British citizens. In total 189 of these questionnaires were received back and subsequently analyzed.


In terms of age, the most significant portion of respondents was in the 26-35 year age bracket, with 41.3% of respondents. 40.2% of respondents were in the 36-45 year age brackets. High school respondents totaled 58.2% of respondents. 64% of the respondents were currently employed. Internet usage and online shopping Many respondents had Internet experience. 29.6% had more than ten years Internet experience using the internet more than ten years. Those who had experience with online shopping more than once a month reached to 42.9%. Online shopping experience 77% of respondents indicated that they faced no difficulty using the internet. To what extent is the use of the Internet risky 51.9% of respondents thought that the internet is sometimes is risky. 39.7% that argued that the internet is not risky at all. Tesco and Asda direct Respondents who have full experience in Tesco (37.8%) direct were more than those with experience with Asda's (28.1%). The rest of the customers did not have experience with either. Factors that affect customer confidence toward online shopping Factors that affect consumer confidence towards online shopping was limited to seven categories: the impact of demographic factors on consumer confidence, product, price, promotion, distribution and customer service, the impact of technological issues and finally the impact of social issues on customer confidence. ...
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