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SERVICES MARKETING <Writer’s name> <Professor’s name> <Subject> <Date> Services marketing Introduction Marketing has become one of the most important components in business that is rife with competition. With the increase in the scope for marketing, the methods and types of marketing have also increased to a considerable level.


Marketing is the best way through which we get to know whether the client likes the products or services and the necessary improvements that need to be done to the business. Service marketing is the marketing of service or performances of the service seller. Service is intangible in nature and hence it cannot be measured. Similarly, service marketing is also intangible and cannot be gauged easily. The reason behind the distinction between that of the product marketing and service marketing is because of the fact that services are more heterogeneous in nature. There is no uniformity when it comes to service marketing as there are different types of services available. Crux of service depends on its uniqueness. If a better service is provided then that particular company will get to sell more of its services. Thus there is no standardization in marketing as opposed to that of the products. You need to bring this awareness into the customers as well. Literature Review Marketing Types and Characteristics There are different types of marketing needs. One of the marketing types is that of the product marketing wherein the customer’s needs toward the products are taken care of. ...
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