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Environmental Analysis of McDonalds Table of Contents Introduction 3 McDonalds Australia: A Brief Overview 3 Industry Analysis 3 Porter’s 5 forces 4 Internal Situation Analysis 6 Internal Organization Review 6 Mission and Goals of Organization 7 Finances and budgets 8 9 9 Past Marketing Activities 10 Human Resources 10 Research and Development 11 External Situation Analysis 11 PESTEL 11 Competitor Analysis 14 Direct and Indirect Competitors 15 USPs and Target Markets of Competitors 15 SWOT Analysis 15 Target Market 16 References 18 Introduction The report will mainly analyze the external and internal business environment of Australia.


Now the organization chosen to accomplish the study is McDonalds. In the external analysis the report will also shed light on the factors such as demographics, customers and also the cultural aspect. In the internal analysis section the study will emphasize on the missions and goals of McDonalds, its past marketing activities, human resources and research and development among the others. Furthermore the report will mainly try to uncover the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats of the company. This will be accomplished with the help of a SWOT analysis. McDonalds Australia: A Brief Overview In the Australian context, the first outlet of the company was opened in the suburbs of Sydney which was known as Yagoona. With the course of time the company has been able to establish 780 stores and employs around 85,000 people across Australia. McDonalds Australia is not a listed company and is privately limited. ...
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