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Marketing Planning on Portakabin NAME: AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY: COURSE TITLE: DATE OF SUBMISSION: Marketing Planning on Portakabin Question No. 1 Discuss how the change in Portakabin’s market over the last 40 years reflect Piercy’s (2010) belief that the concept of “going to market” is a process that everyone should own.


Currently, it is employing more than thousands of people and expanding its operations in European countries. Although construction industry relies on the same traditional methods of first designing building architecture and then moving ahead with the project; Portakabin changed the entire industry by introducing innovative products in the market. The management of company realized that it will have to apply Piercy (2010) going to market concept which states that everyone within the firm will have to work together to achieve the desired goals. The key elements of this concept are represented in the figure: Source: Piercy (2010) The company’s market has definitely changed in the last couple of years as it is focussing on providing quality products to their consumers by the implementation of finest production methods. Portakabin has applied the lean production process which ensures that procedural steps creating wastage are eliminated from the processes (The Times 100, 2010). The basis of a building is prepared on-site while actual structure is manufactured and fitted in factory; the module of the customer is taken to site, craned into desired position and then linked together. ...
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