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Doing business with Japanese Abstract The paper deals with the idea of starting a new business in the country of Japan and some of the considerations that should be taken into account while trading with the country under consideration. The initial part of the project will talk about the country and the business already existing in the country.


Both the political as well as the business perspective will be discussed in this part. Moving on to the trade perspective it is necessary to consider the FDI and the FII in Japan. In this section some of the discussion will be on the structures of taxes in Japan. A section of the project will discuss about the trade barriers within the country from the perspective of export and import. In order to start a business the most important thing is to analyze the market and therefore it is necessary to analyze the Japanese market. The culture of the country along with the business etiquette cannot be ignored. The last section will summarize the whole project. Introduction The country selected for the discussion in the project is Japan. The country represents a constitutional monarchy. The Emperor does not enjoy much power. The judicial system of the country is mainly based on the civil law existing in Europe since the latter half of 19th century. The country is a member of G8 and APEC. The country also participated in East Asia Summit. It shares good relationship with United States. The country is a permanent member of the G4 nations in the Security Council. However the country is engaged in several territorial disputes with countries like Russia, South Korea and China. ...
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