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MARKETING RESEARCH 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Market Problem Hot Cup is a Coffee Shop with about nine branches across the country but none on a university campus. Hot Cup is now attempting to a university campus. To this end, Hot Cup is up for a very stiff competition as there are already well established coffee shops on campus.


1.2 Research Aim This survey was conducted along three major aims. These are: 1. Identify current trend of coffee shop patronage among students on the university campus including choice of coffee products and peak times of patronage. 2. Seek new and innovative ways of operating a coffee shop on campus to make Hot Cup a preferred coffee shop among students. 3. Explain potential factors that may act as setbacks and hinder the successful establishment and running of Hot Cup on the university campus. 2.0 METHODOLOGY 2.1 Research Strategy and Sample Group Saunders et al., (2003) explain that there are six major research strategies. These are experiment; survey; grounded theory; ethnography; action research and case study. The research strategy used in this research work however was a survey. In the view of Trochim (2006), “The broad area of survey research encompasses any measurement produces that involve asking questions of respondents.” In surveys, the views of selected respondents are made to represent the view of the larger people they represent. In this research therefore, the views of a group of students who answered questions from me on marketing factors to put in place for Hot Cup are going to represent the views of the larger university folks. ...
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