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Sustainability Marketing Plan -- 3M Corporation Table of Contents Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 4 Marketing Mission and Corporate Sustainability 4 Reducing Environmental Footprint 5 Bringing Greater Opportunities to Employees 5 Engaging Stakeholders 6 Community Giving 6 Environmental Analysis 7 Political Factors 7 Economic Factors 8 Social Factors 8 Technological Factors 8 Legal Factors 9 Environmental Factors 9 Competitor Analysis 10 Stakeholder Analysis of 3M 11 Promotion Plan 12 Action Plan 14 Conclusion and Recommendations 16 Works Cited 17 Introduction Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corporation (3M) was established in 1902 by five businessmen namely, Henry S.


Currently, it is one of the premier manufacturing corporations. The corporation manufactures diversified products including more than 60000 different products which are observed to dominate in their respective markets. The corporation operates with 81 manufacturing sites in 28 states in the United States of America. 3M operates in more than 133 manufacturing and converting facilities in over 60 nations globally (3M Company, “Inspired innovation”). The corporation is engaged in various technology oriented segments. It manufactures products for wide-range of industries such as transportation, healthcare, safety, security and protection services, consumer and office, displays and graphics as well as electro and communication businesses. ...
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