An individual pre market entry report. Japan.

An individual pre market entry report. Japan. Assignment example
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The country selected for the discussion in the project is Japan. The company selected for the assignment is Highland Herbs. It was established in 1990 by a couple (Highland Herbs, 2012). The vision of the company is to offer all natural ingredients to the community and enjoys a healthy turnover.


It is assumed that the company is recently on the plan to make its mark on the Japanese market. The company needs to have knowledge regarding the opportunities the market offers, a sustainable and consistent strategy that will drive the entrant. It is easier to taste success in the market of Japan if the assumptions are not made on false grounds. It is of utmost necessity to analyze the strategies of the already existing competitors effectively. The process of sales and the revenue model should be in line with the Japanese culture and the market. In order to make successful entry into the Japanese market the potential entrants will have to cut out a clear budget control policies and a diversified growth strategy for at least for half a decade. Some brands achieved great success just by making little changes in brand identity and applying some marketing techniques. The consumers of the country likes detailing and so detailed printed materials are essential while setting up the business in the country (UK Trade and Investment. 2012). Therefore analysis of brand equity and setting up a corporate image is important to enter the Japanese market as well.
Scope of the research
The research mainly centres on the parameter of internationalization of Small and Medium Sized enterprises like the Highland Herbs. In evaluating the ability of the firm to gain an international stand in the global market the project tends to focus on a specific country like Japan. ...
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