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Undergraduate Internship Report

Undergraduate Internship Report

Moreover, my regards go to my entire family for giving me emotional and financial support throughout the entire Bachelor’s degree program both in theory and in practical sessions. The six weeks’ internship program at the Center of Excellence - College of Business Administration in the marketing department was part of the Bachelor in International Business that is offered by my school. The internship entails working with professionals in the work place and gaining one-on-one experience in the field. During this period of time, I was expected to put most of what I have continuously being taught during the lectures at my school in practice. Moreover, in the beginning of my internship I was asked to come up with a marketing plan that is well researched, and give details on how I am capable of working on it, as well as market the products to current and potential clients. During this period, I learnt several marketing approaches, such as placing products and services on media aimed at the general public who are the current and potential clients. I also learnt how to communicate with potential clients, and acquired the patience that is required during marketing. Moreover, my internship basically entailed attending meetings that were held by my tutor. My colleagues and I continually worked on brainstorming to come up with ways of managing and marketing various services that were being offered by the center. ...
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It is a basic concept that is required for making products/services and corporate branding successful. It should consist of the organization’s strategy on the bases of the section and the expected clientele, as well as trends for making the services successful…
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