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The literature review discusses the role of online marketing communication in the Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in general and the influence online advertising can have in their functioning, in particular.


The review seeks to indicate what forms and models of online advertising should be enacted to utilise online marketing communication. The literature review identifies the diverse range of opportunities that a SME can avail by the adoption of online advertising in their business and also the future potential of its implementation. The review discovers that for an effective online advertising, the SMEs should preferably own their individual websites, segment their target audience afresh and use innovative advertising tools. Company websites provide the prospect of presenting information targeted to a range of definite groups of segmented target customers and also to access feedback from them in real time. The review finds that though the utilisation of online advertising tools have benefitted the SMEs by augmenting the promotion of their companies even in the overseas markets at comparatively less expense, a large proportion of the SMEs are yet to employ the online marketing approach. ...
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