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Despite of being one of the premier and famous beer brands in US, Pilsner Urquell has been facing serious issues in the market of United States mainly because of the fact that the beer provided in United States is not as fresh as that served in the Czech Republic.


This is because of the three main factors which are time involved during shipping, temperature, and light. The company is trying to overcome this issue by coming up with new supply chain and shipment solutions. At the same time it is important for the company to come up with effective and efficient PR plan to communicate the new improvements in the supply chain to the key audience and gain back the trust of the consumers in the market of United States. This in turn will allow the company to increase its sales and capture more market share. The company is already involved in different PR and marketing activities in this regard like recently company celebrated its 170th anniversary and arranged a complete program and event in this regard (Bloomberg Businessweek; SAB Miller, b). Along with this the company organized second annual master home brewer competition (PR Newswire, a).
In this report an attempt has been made to understand the market research process of the company and provide them with the PR plan on the basis of the current situation of the market and industry.
In order to come up with the proper public relation plan it is important to do the initial research of the background situation and overall industry trends in effective and efficient manner. This in turn facilitates the company to come up with the PR plan which is effective and conveys message to all target market. The market research can be done either through secondary research sources and methods or primary research sources and methods. ...
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