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Essay example - Business to Businesss Marketing

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Business to Business Marketing Contents Introduction 3 Selection and evaluation of Target Market 3 Evaluation of Segment potential 5 Development of Marketing Strategy 6 External Audit 6 Internal Audit 9 Porters Five Force 10 Strategic Analysis 11 5Cs of marketing Strategy 12 Marketing Mix 14 Conclusion 16 Reference 17 Introduction The report has been prepared with a view to submit it to the Board of LumiCore analyzing the market to enter by the LumiCore which is a subsidiary of the giant Brazilian chemical company LumiChem and manufactures a broad range of paints, pigments and coatings…

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The aim of the report is to provide an analysis of the potential market segment and also evaluates the business potential of the particular target market and the segment in which the firm plans to enter. The report also highlights the marketing strategy which the company performs in order to understand the target market and formulate strategy accordingly to suit the business perspective of the country and the company together. Selection and evaluation of Target Market Business to business marketing differs from that of consumer marketing. In B2B marketing, the volume of purchase are much higher than consumer marketing and as a result the target market must be selected based on the economic growth rate and the number of industries in that particular region. The organizations are of prime concern in case of B2B marketing and not the customers and thus the market selected is UK. UK chemical industries are among those industries which generate profit and are able to increase the economic growth rate of the country. ...
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